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Moose Hunting Trips

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Bear Hunting Trips

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Salmon Fishing Trips

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About Newfoundland

Perhaps you have caribou on your mind. Newfoundland is the home of the southernmost woodland caribou herd in the world. More than 70,000 in several herds across the island. Healthy, well-managed animals. Just a few hours flight from anywhere in Eastern North America. Experienced outfitters offer fly-in services to remote lodges where the great herds migrate each year.

In Labrador the number of caribou is astounding. This is the land of the barren ground caribou. At 600,000 strong, the George River caribou herd is by far the largest in the world. Success rates for both species of caribou are extremely high. Spectacular caribou antlers rack up a rewarding trophy. Set your sights on Newfoundland and Labrador.