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About Newfoundland

There's always a fat brook trout or a feisty landlocked salmon lurking under the surface in Newfoundland and Labrador waters. They're here. Come to the last great wilderness on the North American continent. Come to Labrador. The land of big fish - where anglers routinely catch and release 3.5 kg (7 or 8 pounds) brook trout. Brookies that'll get your heart pounding as they send your reel spinning. Come stand in our cool, clear waters and wait for the big one. Awaken your senses to the thrill of the catch.

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Salmon jumping at Big Falls Upper Humber River
1,000's of salmon in the pool!

Labrador is the place. The place where, in 1982, an angler reeled in the largest land-locked salmon the world has ever seen. A 10.29 kg (22 pounds) "ouananiche" from the Smallwood Reservoir in Central Labrador. It's pronounced "win-a-noche," and you'll hear it a great deal. Land one of these and you'll have the fishing story of a lifetime. These fish are real. And they're right here, in Labrador.

Come test yourself against a real fighter, the Atlantic salmon. These powerful swimmers migrate up our mighty rivers and leap our rocky falls to reach the spawning grounds where they were hatched. Take a deep breath when an Atlantic salmon takes the fly. You're in for a battle of skill against pure instinct.

There's more. Lake trout, northern pike and Arctic Char. And they're bigger than most. Lake trout grow to more than 18 kg (40 pounds); northern pike measure in at 9 - 14 kg (20 to 30 pounds). The sea-run char is a challenging game fish that tips the scales at between 4.5 - 7 kg (10 and 15 pounds).

Newfoundland and Labrador has over 60% of North America's best Atlantic Salmon rivers with some having annual runs in excess of 20,000 fish. There are over 200 known Atlantic Salmon rivers in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1996 reports of fish in excess of 40lbs were released on the Humber River!